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Construction contracts & contract management

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This course will take you through the contracting options for construction and how to manage a contract, through to handover. You will explore how contracts work in practice, the key reasons for disputes and how to avoid them, and how and when to negotiate. This course will build your confidence to get better performance from your contractors.

Learning outcomes

At the end of the course participants will be able to:  

  • Appreciate the range of construction contracts available and the key features of those most in use to deliver residential-led development
  • Recognise those problematic contractual clauses and apply best practice
  • Confidently represent the client in contract negotiations
  • Confidently lead the process of contract management, using consultants to monitor and manage a contractor, and negotiate contract changes
  • Reflect on your own negotiation skills and identify ways to be more effective

Who is the training for?

This is a standalone course for mid-career staff who manage development projects or a portfolio of projects. There is no requirement to have attended any previous training, but a level of existing knowledge gained through practice will be assumed.

Advantages of taking the course

The course will be delivered by expert trainers, in collaboration with Future of London, and participants will be able to:  

  • Analyse a different range of contracts available for construction, the advantages and disadvantages of each and the importance of key clauses
  • Learn from case studies illustrating the use of different contracts for different types of schemes and the lessons learned, such as in disputes with contractors
  • Explore contract clauses that can be challenging in practice
  • Be advised on how to client your legal advisors and what to expect from them
  • Gain advice on setting up, managing and negotiating on contracts
  • Carry out a post-contract evaluation