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Construction management: contracting, delivery and disputes resolution

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This course will examine the client role in construction management starting with the process of contracting and going through delivery management to get the best from your contractor and to examine a range of issues which can lead to disputes. Problem solving on live scenarios will be a key component of this course.

Participants will learn about the options for construction contracting, the contract clauses most likely to result in disputes, the key risks at different stages of construction, the role of the employers agent, how to avoid disputes and dispute resolution.

Course information

20 / 11 / 2024

9:15am to 5pm

Central London

899 + VAT


  • Face-to-face learning with engaging group exercises.
  • Real-world case studies for contextual learning.
  • Practical application of key development skills.


This course is aimed at anyone whose role is to procure and manage a construction partner,
who is either new to the topic or wanting to widen their knowledge.

Learning outcomes

  • Identify common types of construction contracts and appreciate their key features.
  • Recognise the key phases of the construction process and what good construction management and risk mitigation look like.
  • Develop your approach to clienting by understanding the role and responsibilities of the employer’s agent and other contractors.
  • Appreciate scenarios likely to cause disputes and develop dispute resolution skills.
  • Identify key learnings from the session and reflect on how these can be applied within your role.


This course has been designed to qualify for Continuous Professional Development credits. 

A certificate will be provided once the course has been accredited.