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Effective strategies for stakeholder and community engagement

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This course will explore how and when to engage a range of stakeholders, particularly the community, in a residential development process; aiming for them to shape a good and viable design.

Participants will learn to identify a range of stakeholders, how to engage them, research their concerns, understand the impacts of those concerns and how they might be responded to. There will be a strong focus on community engagement.

Course information

20 / 06 / 2024

9:15am to 5pm

London Councils, SE1 0AL

899 + VAT


  • Face-to-face learning with engaging group exercises.
  • Real-world case studies for contextual learning.
  • Practical application of key development skills.


This course is aimed at anyone whose role is to organise and undertake effective stakeholder engagement on a residential led development project, who is either new to the topic or wanting to widen their knowledge.   

Learning outcomes

  • Explore the range of stakeholders involved in a development process and their impact.
  • Identify tools and strategies to understand local interests and concerns.
  • Address and evaluate diverse types of feedback, whether in-person or online.
  • Recognise potential sources of conflict and devise resolution strategies to mitigate.
  • Identify key learnings from the session and reflect on how these can be applied within your role.


This course has been designed to qualify for Continuous Professional Development credits. 

A certificate will be provided once the course has been accredited.