Housing Development Academy

Financial Appraisals: assessing challenging and complex schemes


This one-day course is a deep dive into the appraisal process, exploring a range of options for assessing complex scheme viability and mixed use in residential led schemes.  

Participants will evaluate the inputs and outputs used in viability modelling, looking at development value and capitalised value theory, as well as discounted cash flow, common hurdle rates, key market factors and the use of appropriate benchmarks. Participants will also explore sales and marketing, use a live model to investigate stress testing and develop their knowledge of the relationship between benchmarks, investment strategies, and site options analysis.   

Learning outcomes

  • Appreciate current property market trends and their impact on the market.
  • Apply appraisal skills to model complex schemes with multiple phases and mixed use.
  • Reflect on how market constraints are impacting viability.
  • Evaluate the importance of stress testing mechanisms to ensure schemes remain viable.


This course has been certified for Continuous Professional Development.