Event management is a process of applying required professional skills in
organizing an event for a target audience to achieve the desired objective. The
purpose of an event management complex is to provide the services of planning,
organizing, and executing various types of events both at a small or large-scale level.
For instance wedding ceremonies, ceremonial parties, dinners, social gatherings,
business conferences, workshops, inaugurations, and other related events where
an individual or a corporate client intends to invite the public.
The event organizers are responsible not only for preparing the food but also
setting up the dining area, waiting tables, setting up the stage, and requisite decors
as per the requirement of clients.
The proposed project is for setting up a medium-sized event management
complex that would operate as a specialized service provider for all event
organizing / hosting requirements of both individual and corporate clients. With the
the help of a specialized team of professionals, proposed event management complex
will be fully equipped to make events more attractive and theme based through
provision of multiple stage setup, background props, entrance, reception, seating
the arrangement, etc.