Terms and Conditions

HDA Members


Where a member cancellation request is made at least 4 working weeks before the date of training the HDA will seek to reallocate or sell the place and there will be no loss of membership training allocation.

Where the notice is less than 4 working weeks before the date of the training the following will apply:

  • 0-4 weeks notice – allocation lost, unless a substitute participant is found
  • Failure to attend – allocation lost

Allocation lost means that the length of the training time, will be deducted from the ‘membership training allocation’. For example, if the training was a day long then one day would be lost from the ‘membership training allocation’ and for avoidance of doubt this is per person.

For London boroughs that are HDA members, the principal terms and conditions are set out in the membership agreement.

Where a member is paying for an additional place either at a discount or at market rate then the terms below will apply.

PAYG Bookings


A schedule of all training dates will be provided at the start of each training year, starting in April 2023. 


To secure availability please book places at least 1 month before the date of the course. 


To attend you must be nominated for a place/s by your employer using our online nomination form here:  

Future of London (FoL) will then contact your employer for payment. Whilst we are waiting for either a PO and payment the training place will be held ‘pending’ until 3 weeks prior to the course start. We will confirm your booking only once a PO or payment is received.  


Please note applications where there is no PO or payment three weeks prior to the course date will be invalid. 


Exceptionally we will hold a place without a PO or payment provided a senior manager has confirmed that the invoice will be paid no later than 2 weeks after the course. 


Payments later than 30 days after a course could incur interest at 8% above base rate under the Late Payment of Commercial Debts (interest) Act 1998. 


Where a cancellation request is made at least 2 working weeks before the date of the course, the HDA will grant a 50% refund of the full cost, provided there is a course surplus from which to pay.   


Where the notice is less than 2 working weeks prior to the course start, the following will apply:  


0-2 weeks notice – No refund 
Failure to attend – No refund 

Participant substitution

Substitutions can be made and should be done at least two weeks before a course date to allow the new participant the opportunity to do the pre-course work.  We will accept late substitutions only up to 24 hours before the course start as venues require attendance lists in advance. 

Course changes

FoL as the HDA agency reserves the right to modify a course for the following reasons:


  • To include the most up to date and relevant information 
  • To substitute speakers if someone is taken ill or has some other exceptional reason they cannot attend, such as a bereavement 
  • To provide an appropriate substitute venue if the original one is no longer available, due to unforeseen circumstances like flood or fire 

There will be no change to the subject matter or learning outcomes of any courses.

Course cancellation


If unforeseen circumstances cause FoL to cancel any of the training, all participants will be informed as soon as possible, and new dates will be offered.  


If, for any reason, FoL needs to cancel an event FoL is unable to cover travel or other costs incurred by participants.