This particular pre-feasibility is for setting up a medium level event management complex that will provide the services of planning, organizing and executing small and large scale events, such as marriage ceremonies, birthday parties and family events for individual clients as well as various corporate events. The proposed business is service oriented and will help to ease the event management burden of individual and corporate business entities. The suggested event management complex comprises of two main halls, will have an overall capacity of serving 800 persons per function with a variety of standard menus. However, starting capacity utilization is estimated at 60%, with 5% growth rate in subsequent years. For this project it is recommended to construct or acquire a purpose built building in a metropolitan city, preferably in a densely populated commercial area or newly developed housing society. The most critical factors for success of the project entail entrepreneur’s knowledge of the industry, appropriate location, commitment to quality services and competitive pricing. Total project cost is estimated as Rs. 92.128 million with capital investment of Rs. 91.324 million and working capital Rs. 0.804 million. The projected IRR, Payback and Net Present Value of the said project are 33%, 3.67 years and Rs. 32.805 million respectively. The legal business status of this project is proposed as ‘Sole Proprietorship’.